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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the Mexican and Latin-American immigrants of the New York area by providing them access to services that enhance their quality of life and will allow them to reach sustainable social and economic development. We offer a variety of programs and services that respond to the specific needs of immigrant families and aim to build a supportive environment for the growing Mexican and Latin-American immigrant community.

Who We Are

Mixteca Organization Inc. is a community-based organization located in Sunset Park. It was established in 2000 by a group of concerned community members to address critical needs in health, education, social and legal issues facing the burgeoning Mexican and Latin American immigrant community in Brooklyn.

Mixteca’s emergence as a well-regarded and heavily utilized community resource reflects the tremendous need among Latino immigrants for information, services, support and community.

Meet The Staff & Board

Karla Alvarez, Executive Director
Narcisa Loza, Director of Mental Health Programs
Carina Gomez, Emotional Health Counselor
Janet Perez Valle, Immigration Services and Volunteer Coordinator
Veronica Rosales, Administrative Assistant
Alejandra Garza, Community Health Promoter
Mia Soto, America Vista Fellow
Samuel Attias, Bookkeeper
Board Members
Rodrigo Camarena, Board Chairperson
Carlos Valverde, Board Treasurer
Laura Curiel, Board Member
Alejandro Vazquez, Board Member
Lina Franco, Board Member
Oscar Gonazlez, Board Member
Karina Weistein, Board Member
Carolina Rubio-MacWright, Board Member
Anayeli Gomez, Board Member

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