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Health Workshops

Health professionals from a variety of backgrounds join us at Mixteca and present on topics such as: Alzheimer’s Disease, Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance Use, Working Safety, Colon Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Healthy Relationships, and Diabetes, among others. In the past, we have also collaborated with groups to host community yoga and zumba sessions. Our ability to provide these sessions varies season to season.

Please reach out if your organization can present an expert level health workshop geared to the Spanish-speaking immigrant community. We may be able to host your one-time presentation or workshop series if space permits.

Nutrition and Cooking Workshops

Mixteca in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension, teaches the immigrant community to shop for and prepare low-cost nutritious meals. Two cycles of our nutrition class workshops series are offered annually in Spanish. Facilitators will model what a “healthy plate” should look like and participants will have the opportunity to prepare and taste demo-meals as a group. At the end of each class, participants will take home easy-to-make recipes to prepare for their families. Based on the community’s interest in this project, we will have integrated nutrition information and cooking demonstrations at our health fairs.

Community Health Fairs

Mixteca provides informational support on a range of health topics. We host quarterly in-house health fairs to promote health care access within the immigrant community. Our staff and volunteers are trained to provide free basic health screenings such as for body mass index, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. We regularly collaborate with partners organizations to provide free mammograms, eye exams, dental exams and rapid HIV testing and some follow up referrals for primary care and insurance navigation.

Please reach out if you are a local organization interested in collaborating with us to bring a health event to the community or if you are interested in bringing our services (health screenings and basic navigation) to your neighborhood.


Interested in being a part of this program? Send us an email letting us know you are. Be sure to include your phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t have an email? Then call us at (718) 965-4795.